Church Updates

We love you! God loves you! This is a crazy time, but it’s a great time to show the world how great it is to know and trust Jesus Christ.

Important Update effective 10/27/20

Just when we thought we were getting back to normal, 2020 strikes again. It has been a long, slow process to try to return to normal. We still weren’t quite there, but we felt like we were getting there. After 10 weeks of livestream-only church we had begun holding in-person services in June. Even though it was outdoors, it felt good to be together again as a church. The following three and a half months were a little unusual as we held 8am worship outside and 10:15am in the sanctuary, but it felt like life was making another step back to what it used to be, and tolerable, if not enjoyable again. In September we began Wednesday Night Live, even though we only had about a third of the normal crowd, it seemed like we were in the final stretch of normalcy. In October we began our full schedule of Sunday School classes, and felt like it was only a matter of time before we would see pre-pandemic numbers returning to church.
Unfortunately, mid-October took a turn for the worse. We began hearing of multiple Covid cases in our community and in our church. We hoped we could limp along without a major problem, so we announced we would be requiring masks to be worn in the church. In the end, there were enough cases and people in quarantine that we felt we needed to close the church until this round of infection could be squashed. The final decision came when I started having symptoms on Saturday the 17th, and realized that not only was I going to have to stay away from church, but Mollie would too. We have a lot of great people who can jump in and serve at a moment’s notice, but there just seemed to be too many contingencies happening to be able to have in-person services. My test came back positive, which put the Dunn family in isolation for two weeks. Thankfully, my symptoms are minor, and the girls don’t have any. We are praying for many in our community and church who are in the same situation as we are. A couple of which have had more serious symptoms that landed them in the hospital. By God’s grace nothing worse than a brief hospital stay has resulted. Keep praying!
We still hope to return to normal. But we’ve had a setback. It’s little frustrating, but not surprising. Moving forward, we are planning on a simplified schedule. There will be no in-person worship on Nov. 1st but you can watch us LIVE at 10:15am online via Facebook or our website or you can listen on WRMJ. On November 8th we will plan on 8am and 10:15am worship in-person with masks, and no Sunday School classes for the time-being. It has been a long and difficult season, but God has been very good to us. Our church has remained so strong. It’s been wonderful to see how unified, gracious and generous our church has been these past several months. We still trust that God is working for Good through this time.
In Christ, Pastor Luke

Video Update from Pastor Luke