Revolutionary Parenting Book & Discussion

This book is the essence of family discipleship. It walks through simple but essential steps on on how to shape your child’s character and show how to instill a vibrant commitment to Christ in your kids. This book grows with your family so even if you read it when your kids were younger, it will bless you all over again as your kids enter a new season.

Pre-order this book for $5 (at a discount to you) on this link. Books will be here in February. You’ll have plenty of time to read this book and meet with other parents/grandparents during the following times to discuss the book.

Wednesday, April 14th 6:30-8pm
Intro-Chapter 4
(New Addition of Sanctuary)


Wednesday, May 12th 6:30-8pm
Chapters 5-10
(New Addition of Sanctuary )

Please indicate on this link if you don’t need a book but you’d like to join us for the book club.