“What takes more faith to believe: that an all powerful loving God created the universe, or that the universe created itself?” ~ Pastor Luke Dunn

Who Are You?

“Your worth was determined by God once and for all when He gave His life just to save yours… Good news for us sinners!” ~ Pastor Luke Dunn

Ever Faithful

Faith by definition is perseverance… Deciding to trust Jesus as savior is not a one time decision, it’s a daily decision.” ~ Pastor Luke Dunn


Speaking the truth is itself an act of love… The main reason people who do so are labeled “intolerant” is because the world prefers darkness to light.” ~ Pastor Luke Dunn

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare in its simplest form is the choice to move toward God or away from Him in any given circumstance.” ~ Pastor Luke Dunn

The Secret of Contenment

“Contentment is the product of dwelling on what God has blessed you with as opposed to what you think you deserve.” ~ Pastor Luke Dunn