The Power of Prayer Class

The Power of Prayer: Introductory Video

This first session introduces viewers to the life of Oswald Chambers and explores the concept of knowing God through the power of prayer.

The Power of Prayer: Week 2 Video

This second session introduces viewers to Moses, God’s friend, and explores how they too can have a meaningful, personal connection with God.

The Power of Prayer: Week 3 Video

The Simplicity of Prayer

The Power of Prayer: Week 4 Video

In the fourth session, Joy Carter explains the kingdom of God–how it functions here on earth and how it will be perfected through the earthly reign of Jesus Christ. Don’t miss this intriguing session!

The Power of Prayer: Week 5: The Spiritual Battle

This week Jill discusses the spiritual battles taking place in the heavenly realm and offers a glimpse into the Iranian underground church, where spiritual power is flourishing.

The Power of Prayer: Week 6: Watching, Waiting, Running

This week Joy introduces us to the book of Habakkuk, where we learn the importance of watching and waiting for God’s responses to our prayers—and then being ready to run in the direction he leads us.

The Power of Prayer: Week 7: Lessons from Lazarus, Mary, and Martha

Jesus’ trip to Bethany to raise Lazarus from the grave not only offers keen insight on who Jesus Christ is, but it also provides powerful, practical lessons on prayer. Take a refreshing look at this familiar, yet wondrous, biblical passage and be revitalized in your faith and your prayer life.

The Power of Prayer: Week 8: The Holy Spirit

Did you know that the Holy Spirit was active in creation? Did you know that He is the life-force of God? And that although He is a person, He is also wind and breath? Learn more about the complex, divine role of the Holy Spirit in this intriguing presentation!

The Power of Prayer: Week 9: The Sanctified Life

Explore the sanctified lives of two World War I chaplains, Oswald Chambers and Woodbine Willie, and learn what it means to grow in the likeness of Christ.

The Power of Prayer: Week 10: Intercession

In this session, Joy discusses the vital importance of intercession and how we can effectively stand in the spiritual gap for others. She provides Biblical examples of Jesus, Paul, and Abraham to help us discover just how powerful intercession is.

The Power of Prayer: Week 11: The Key to Service

In the final presentation of The Power of Prayer study, Jill focuses on Matthew 9:38 where Jesus asks his disciples to pray for more workers in the harvest fields. Why is prayer so important in the harvest of souls? What is our role as believers and as people of prayer? Find out in this week’s presentation.